WordPress Widget Spacing

I have found more WordPress tips and tricks this week. Once again, this came from my own struggles with getting things to look right. First, I had switched up the buttons in my sidebar on this blog. Next, I started a new blog and was attempting to get the sidebar to my liking. I love me a WordPress Widget. Spacing, or lack thereof, between them? Not so much. Some buttons ran together as if they were one. The ones in the left sidebar didn’t line up with the ones in the right sidebar. It looked like a third grader had built my blogs. In all honesty, that is often my skill level.

I went on a mission to find a solution. As is always the case, most suggestions are to get into the Theme Editor and start messing with the CSS. Are you nuts? I don’t even know what CSS stands for. From personal experience, I know how fast messing in there can go completely wrong…I found a quick fix! Here it is:

<div style=”height:10px;”></div>

You can add that either before or after your widget code. You can change the number in there to make a larger or smaller space between your widgets. If the banners in the left and right sidebar are not lining up, you can get them in order with that nifty thing. Amazing!

That’s that. Easy-peasy for those of us less technically-inclined. Now go and fix your WordPress widget spacing.

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